Lindsay Lohan not getting the punishment Nancy Grace wants?

April 22, 2011

If Lindsay Lohan doesn’t get the max time in prison, that may place Nancy Grace of CNN back into rehab once again due to Nancy’s inability to manage her alcohol and drug problems again, plus being incorrect on the facts of most of the cases she tries to cover. Lindsay should get the max to help Nancy stay out of treatment and on the air so Nancy Grace can victimize even more real victims of crimes.

Phylicia Barnes found

April 22, 2011

Phylicia Barnes found

Body of missing woman Phylicia Barnes found in Maryland. When will these prostitutes learn that their conduct can be dangerous?

Good for Lawrence Taylor.

April 13, 2011

Good for Lawrence Taylor. I think the judge gave him the lenient sentence as a lesson to be learned by the media not to over dramatize court cases like they continue to do. L.T. wins. Maybe the media-heads should talk about their own misconduct instead of looking for a story in the Taylor case. Maybe the tragic death of a victim by a crime committed by Nancy Grace of CNN may hold more people’s attention, especially how Nancy denied she had anything to do with the death she caused, then she paid off the family a couple hundred thousand dollars. L.T. just paid for a prostitute, he didn’t help to end anyone’s life.

Bethany Decker???

March 25, 2011

Why is anyone spending any time at all looking for such a tramp like BETHANY DECKER? Aren’t there children still missing in the U.S.A.? If anyone is spending more than one-penny of their own money to look for tramps like Beth, please post their names and locations and maybe some militia-type groups can join in to provide some real Justice in those cases. No violence please! It will be adequate just to search and to post information better describing the tramping-conduct of these deadbeat whores. These tramps are reminiscent of the whole tramp-like-Natalee-Holloway drug-consuming-alcoholic-whore-syndrome. Sounds like Bethany needs more contraceptives, not people making sacrifices in her behalf while she tramps herself from one guy to the next.

Nancy Grace victimizes victims

March 10, 2011

Nancy Grace victimizes victims
Caught on tape

Nancy Grace has contempt for every victim as reported, and is consistently Swiftly Just-Stupid as she demeans real victims of crimes on her show Swift Justice. There is nothing swift about the show and certainly no justice for anyone. Since Nancy Grace was never really a victim of any crime herself, she remains clueless to the actual real damage she does to victims as she attacks real victims of crimes. Her jealousy of them is quite apparent and has even cost some victims their life.

Another lawsuit filed against Nancy Grace

March 9, 2011

Another lawsuit filed against Nancy Grace
March 2011: Nancy sued for $15mil.

Nancy Grace has been served with a  $15 million lawsuit for allegedly not honoring an agreement to have her long-term associate, Patricia Caruso, act as executive producer of her new syndicated show Swift Justice. Caruso filed the lawsuit yesterday in New York Supreme Court and claims that she and Grace had an agreement in 2008 to together create a legal-themed syndicated TV series. Grace is a top-rated and controversial host at CNN Headline News. Caruso says she had known Grace since 2002 when both were employed by Court TV. In 2008, the two are said to have had a lunch meeting at the Jubilee Restaurant in New York. Grace and Caruso discussed a new show, proposed to be entitled Grace’s Cases, featuring Grace assisting individuals in their legal issues with the help of other lawyers, investigators and experts. The two are said to have discussed various alternative formats and arrived at an agreement to work together.

The agreement doesn’t appear to have been made in writing.Over the next two years, Caruso says she worked tirelessly to help develop the show, including talking with various talent agents and network executives. Caruso says she, along with Encounter Studios CEO Shannon Murphy, helped arrange a pitch session with CBS Television Distribution and strategized how to best leverage network interest with Grace. CBS was interested in the program and began formal talks to develop it. However, CBS backed off from the pitched idea of an hour-long format in favor of a half-hour program where Grace would serve as judge, albeit without the robes, according to the suit. During that time, Grace is said to have communicated with others, including her own attorney, that she wouldn’t do the deal without Caruso, prompted by rumors that CBS didn’t want Caruso involved in the project.

Then, Grace and CBS reached an agreement for a new syndicated program that would eventually be called Swift Justice. The parties celebrated, but over the next few months, Caruso waited for her own executive producer deal to no avail, she says, despite alleged assurances from Grace that it would be forthcoming. It didn’t happen. In February 2010, Caruso says she was offered by CBS a role as “Executive, Talent and Audience Relations” with a one-year $100,000 contract, and a network option for a second. Caruso never got a better offer. Swift Justice debuted last autumn to strong ratings.

Caruso claims that had she been an executive producer she would have gotten, by industry standard, a 10 percent fee of the show budget plus back-end compensation at around 10 percent. The show has a $200,000 budget per week, and Caruso estimates modified adjusted gross revenue at $100 million, adding up to claimed damages of $15 million for the alleged breach of contract. In March, 2009, Grace allegedly tried to placate Caruso’s fears about being excluded from the series. Caruso then says she instructed her agent, Sean Perry at WME (who also represented Grace) to begin shopping the series to other networks. Pitch meetings were set up at NBC and Fox.

Joran VanderSloot punks Nancy Grace

March 8, 2011

Joran VanderSloot wins again and proves Nancy Grace wrong yet again. The only people that believe that Joran admitted to guilt in the murder case are likely to be the same people that have said Joran lies and cannot be trusted with anything he says. So, even if the plea goes forward, he’s still only going to do a sentence almost equivalent to “time-served” because the penalty aspects are different overseas. Maybe Joran should sue the family-survivors of the dead girl for her provoking the situation and attacking Joran in that hotel room where Joran had to physically defend himself from her attack.

Nancy Grace “BLASTS” the U.S. military

March 4, 2011

Thursday March 3, 2011, Nancy verbally blasts the military for not returning the husband of his missing wife from Afghanistan to answer questions to police. While the husband has cooperated with authorities in every aspect of the investigation, Nancy Grace continues to vilify the husband for not returning and doing a physical search for his missing pregnant wife. Perhaps Nancy doesn’t know the facts that the husband does not have the power to override the military and he has to remain in Afghanistan if that is what the military chooses; which it clearly does. Lawsuits against Nancy Grace are expected as reported by several sources for Nancy’s criminal and civil violations of the Law she has documented against the husband-soldier, as confirmed by Renee Rockwell who was on the show tonight. Why Nancy Grace appears to hate the military and all U.S. soldiers may be attributed to her alcohol and drug dependency issues that Nancy has said in the past she does involve herself in. Might be time to get Nancy Grace off the air as she already conceded to causing the death of another victim recently, and she needs to actually be imprisoned for the crimes she continues to do against real victims. Why Nancy Grace hates our military may only be able to be fully-understood by other alcoholics and drug users like Nancy is suspected to be. More on this issue to come……….

Zahra Baker

February 22, 2011

Only second-degree murder of Zahra Baker? What a joke. After all that has been revealed in this case of wrong-doing, with only a charge like that, the step-mother wins this case, for sure. Who knows, maybe even the jury will not find her guilty of second-degree either. The way this case is going, they’ll give her a medal-of-valor for eliminating Zahra’s pain and discomfort. The biggest disappointment for Nancy Grace of CNN is not that Zahra was harmed or killed, the biggest disappointment for Nancy is that she was proven wrong yet again on this case too. This might send Nancy back into her rehab once again where she belongs. Drunks and drug users usually do not do well on their own for very long. At least Nancy is now not yet known for killing Zahra as Nancy has conceded to causing the Duckett suicide where Nancy ended up paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to the family-victims of the mother Nancy badgered to death before.

Lara Logan

February 16, 2011

It appears Lara Logan got what she wanted. She is not a victim. Some people might even call her a tramp. Tramps are just tramps and seem to bring on much of the torment in their lives by their own decisions. Wonder if Lara got any money for doing tricks in the street? Will she claim that money on her taxes as a tax deduction for work?