Did Venice kill Caylee Anthony?

Today, Venice  (Janel) is calling me a guy again. Appears the name of Michelle is not distinguishable enough for Venice to make a correct determination on his own. Ironic since Venice is a guy himself but goes by a female name from time to time. His posts are always about attacks against those better-informed and higher-educated than himself. See Venice’s pattern? Check out his picture and record on the California Department of Corrections sites and see he has convictions against children. Venice has recently been discharged so don’t be too hard on him, he’s new to blogging. As you see Venice rarely discusses the post-topic, uses the opportunity to advance his attacks against those better-informed and he is listed on several psychology and Law sites and has a “label” as being officially diagnosed as psychotic. Sex offense cases against children are especially offensive. Several sites list comments by Venice stating the reason for his antics are due to some of the affects of the medications he takes for his reported testicular cancer which can readily be observed. He is also listed on the troll bureau sites and listed as a current parolee as well and has four confirmed police actions against him currently which are all verifiable. I see the Casey Anthony case has fallen apart again for the prosecution again today, why the prosecution doesn’t not try to get a conviction as they promised for first-degree murder appears to be a real mystery at this time.

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