Nancy Grace staff knocks down a victim to get into the Casey Anthony trial?

As reported on several sites, a Nancy Grace staff mowed over and trampled down a victim in order to get into the June 10th court hearing of the Casey Anthony trial, look at the available video on You-Tube. While not yet officially confirmed yet, it does point out the vendetta Nancy Grace has toward Casey Anthony, or any defendant in any case as Nancy Grace seeks to have any and all defendants murdered by at least lethal injection in every state in any and all trials against any defendants before any trial concludes. You do know that Nancy Grace is not her real name, talk about liars.

One has to realize the qualifications, or dis-qualifications,  and track-record of Nancy Grace who has multiple lawsuits filed against her totaling in the tens of millions of dollars in damages she has done against real victims, as well as the facts that Nancy has recently paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars to the surviving family members of a victim Nancy was a part in the death that Nancy Grace telephoned which resulted in a death. And, never forget those two victims that committed suicide after Nancy interviewed them after the Virginia-Tech masseur. Not much coverage of those two poor victims of Nancy Grace.

Only suitable place for Nancy Grace, after being fired from her Swift Justice show is for her to be in prison. That’s where criminals like Nancy Grace belong, perhaps on death row might be more appropriate since she has ended the life of so many victims. Actual victim total is still in dispute since most victims of suicide fail to call 911 or CNN to report the cause for the death before they do the action.

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