Nancy Grace gets judged and loses her Judge show.

While Nancy Grace was never, and could never be a Judge (judges in America are not allowed to cause the death of victims or badger a victim to death as Nancy has done and admitted to doing), Nancy does claim she is a judge on her latest-failed-show Swift Justice with Nancy Grace. Turns out Nancy was never a judge or anything close to a judge position, she was simply an arbitrator that attempted to resolve some small claims disputes filed in actual small-claim courtrooms around the country. Her biggest problem was that the she stated her ruling immediately closed out the case, which never happens in any courtroom in America so as to provide the court some leverage to ensure the ruling was fulfilled and satisfied. Once Nancy closed the case, on every case, the ruling was unenforceable and no longer binding, which left many victims to file lawsuits against the show and the show apparently settled them all to keep them from public scrutiny. It’s almost amusing to see Nancy scramble in her drunken and drug-usage world of unreality. Another Nancy Grace show gets terminated (five in the last several recent years). Nancy Grace just can’t seem to live up to contractual obligations (whether it through her alcoholism issues, her drug-usage issues, or her all alleged child-battering issues, has not yet been determined yet), Nancy Grace loses this show, and now Nancy Grace  faces millions of dollars in more lawsuit potential damages as she is sued for another $15mil just from this debacle alone, plus expects even more lawsuits against her to come for other crimes she has allegedly committed against even other victims. Sources say Nancy Grace is currently considering a $410,000,000.00 settlement against her in her “allegedly false reporting and coverage” of the Casey Anthony case. What some alcoholic drug users will do to make sense of their dysfunctions.

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