Mark Garegos makes Nancy Grace cry.

Mark Garegos makes Nancy Grace cry.

On the show of Anderson Cooper 360, broadcasted on Tuesday night 5/31/2011, attorney Mark Garegos rebutted the claims and statements made by Nancy Grace and drove her into the ground and made Nancy appear the fool so many witness each week from her. There is a reason why Nancy cannot practice Law anymore anywhere within the 50 states of the United States of America, and why Nancy has been successfully sued for tons of cash for the crimes she has committed, and why Nancy has millions of dollars in lawsuits pending even still against her as of today’s current date. Check it out! Mark did a great job of pointing out how Nancy Grace continues to violate the rights of defendants as Nancy continues to demean and misrepresent any facts to portray any and all defendants as being guilty of crimes they are not even convicted of or even ultimately found guilty of. Mark even pointed out the improprieties of Nancy Grace labeling Casey Anthony as “tot-mom” which Mark is correct on that issue too. Lawsuits are expected after the trial and acquittal is obtained against both Nancy Grace and CNN as well as others according to several Law sites. That’s actually, in part, why Nancy lost her last five television shows, by her violations of Laws and contractual criteria and why Nancy will likely lose her last remaining show after the conclusion of this Anthony case.

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