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Nancy Grace beaten up again, June 23rd..

June 26, 2011

Nancy Grace gets beaten up on-air by Dan Abrams, 6/23/2011. It is now alleged that after that interview, Nancy Grace may have required professional intervention to help her cope with the televised verbal beating she sustained on-air at an ABC network site. Like usual, it may also lead to another relapse documented by several sites to her alleged alcohol usage and her alleged potential abuse of prescription medications that Nancy Grace takes every day according to Mrs. Grace. With a conviction of Casey Anthony short of the first-degree murder conviction and death penalty against Casey Anthony, anything short of that may put Nancy Grace right back into another hospital-stay to deal with Nancy’s  alleged psychological mental problems and her medical issues once again. Maybe Casey Anthony can act as a fill-in guesthost during Nancy’s hospital-stay if Casey is released.

Did Venice kill Caylee Anthony?

June 23, 2011

Today, Venice  (Janel) is calling me a guy again. Appears the name of Michelle is not distinguishable enough for Venice to make a correct determination on his own. Ironic since Venice is a guy himself but goes by a female name from time to time. His posts are always about attacks against those better-informed and higher-educated than himself. See Venice’s pattern? Check out his picture and record on the California Department of Corrections sites and see he has convictions against children. Venice has recently been discharged so don’t be too hard on him, he’s new to blogging. As you see Venice rarely discusses the post-topic, uses the opportunity to advance his attacks against those better-informed and he is listed on several psychology and Law sites and has a “label” as being officially diagnosed as psychotic. Sex offense cases against children are especially offensive. Several sites list comments by Venice stating the reason for his antics are due to some of the affects of the medications he takes for his reported testicular cancer which can readily be observed. He is also listed on the troll bureau sites and listed as a current parolee as well and has four confirmed police actions against him currently which are all verifiable. I see the Casey Anthony case has fallen apart again for the prosecution again today, why the prosecution doesn’t not try to get a conviction as they promised for first-degree murder appears to be a real mystery at this time.

Nancy Grace killed a victim again? (6/18/2011)

June 20, 2011

The attached link shows that Nancy Grace of CNN may be involved in causing yet another death of yet another victim. How many victims will she cause the death of before she is mandated to prison where she obviously needs to remain for the remainder of her life in order to protect victims from her flared nostrils and other negative actions she displays towards victims.

Happy Father’s Day Venice

June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day to all the guys out there who sometimes go by the name of Venice, and to all those same guys struggling still trying to understand the Casey Anthony case as they continue to struggle with their own dysfunctions. Cancer can be a very scary thing. Pray for all cancer patients, please.

Nancy Grace staff knocks down a victim to get into the Casey Anthony trial?

June 11, 2011

As reported on several sites, a Nancy Grace staff mowed over and trampled down a victim in order to get into the June 10th court hearing of the Casey Anthony trial, look at the available video on You-Tube. While not yet officially confirmed yet, it does point out the vendetta Nancy Grace has toward Casey Anthony, or any defendant in any case as Nancy Grace seeks to have any and all defendants murdered by at least lethal injection in every state in any and all trials against any defendants before any trial concludes. You do know that Nancy Grace is not her real name, talk about liars.

One has to realize the qualifications, or dis-qualifications,  and track-record of Nancy Grace who has multiple lawsuits filed against her totaling in the tens of millions of dollars in damages she has done against real victims, as well as the facts that Nancy has recently paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars to the surviving family members of a victim Nancy was a part in the death that Nancy Grace telephoned which resulted in a death. And, never forget those two victims that committed suicide after Nancy interviewed them after the Virginia-Tech masseur. Not much coverage of those two poor victims of Nancy Grace.

Only suitable place for Nancy Grace, after being fired from her Swift Justice show is for her to be in prison. That’s where criminals like Nancy Grace belong, perhaps on death row might be more appropriate since she has ended the life of so many victims. Actual victim total is still in dispute since most victims of suicide fail to call 911 or CNN to report the cause for the death before they do the action.

Nancy Grace says Casey Anthony is a victim.

June 4, 2011

June 3rd on Nancy’s only remaining show after she was fired from every previous show, Nancy Grace states that Casey Anthony is a victim, yet Nancy appears upset with that. Perhaps Nancy’s demeanor is induced by her own personal drug-usage or perhaps alcohol usage but it appears Nancy has a high probability of losing even more viewers as Casey’s case get presented so poorly and ineffectively by the prosecution. Perhaps Nancy is in fear again of losing her only remaining television show if Casey is not convicted of first-degree-murder. Which, according to the facts of the case, appears highly probable. Don’t worry Nancy, you can always work in an ice cream shop again or be a beer-taster for your favorite brand.

Nancy Grace proves Casey Anthony innocent of the charges.

June 2, 2011

For any person that watches any Nancy Grace program and is educated enough about Nancy’s record of misinformation, slanderous remarks towards victims, and has knowledge of Nancy’s horrendous history in losing every lawsuit ever brought against her for her crimes, Nancy’s coverage of the Anthony case only points to prove out why Casey Anthony can never be found guilty of first-degree murder as she is charged. Thanks Nancy for your support of victim-Casey-Anthony. True Justice for Caylee after all! Let’s use the prison space for real criminals like Nancy Grace instead.

Nancy Grace gets judged and loses her Judge show.

June 1, 2011

While Nancy Grace was never, and could never be a Judge (judges in America are not allowed to cause the death of victims or badger a victim to death as Nancy has done and admitted to doing), Nancy does claim she is a judge on her latest-failed-show Swift Justice with Nancy Grace. Turns out Nancy was never a judge or anything close to a judge position, she was simply an arbitrator that attempted to resolve some small claims disputes filed in actual small-claim courtrooms around the country. Her biggest problem was that the she stated her ruling immediately closed out the case, which never happens in any courtroom in America so as to provide the court some leverage to ensure the ruling was fulfilled and satisfied. Once Nancy closed the case, on every case, the ruling was unenforceable and no longer binding, which left many victims to file lawsuits against the show and the show apparently settled them all to keep them from public scrutiny. It’s almost amusing to see Nancy scramble in her drunken and drug-usage world of unreality. Another Nancy Grace show gets terminated (five in the last several recent years). Nancy Grace just can’t seem to live up to contractual obligations (whether it through her alcoholism issues, her drug-usage issues, or her all alleged child-battering issues, has not yet been determined yet), Nancy Grace loses this show, and now Nancy Grace  faces millions of dollars in more lawsuit potential damages as she is sued for another $15mil just from this debacle alone, plus expects even more lawsuits against her to come for other crimes she has allegedly committed against even other victims. Sources say Nancy Grace is currently considering a $410,000,000.00 settlement against her in her “allegedly false reporting and coverage” of the Casey Anthony case. What some alcoholic drug users will do to make sense of their dysfunctions.

Mark Garegos makes Nancy Grace cry.

June 1, 2011

Mark Garegos makes Nancy Grace cry.

On the show of Anderson Cooper 360, broadcasted on Tuesday night 5/31/2011, attorney Mark Garegos rebutted the claims and statements made by Nancy Grace and drove her into the ground and made Nancy appear the fool so many witness each week from her. There is a reason why Nancy cannot practice Law anymore anywhere within the 50 states of the United States of America, and why Nancy has been successfully sued for tons of cash for the crimes she has committed, and why Nancy has millions of dollars in lawsuits pending even still against her as of today’s current date. Check it out! Mark did a great job of pointing out how Nancy Grace continues to violate the rights of defendants as Nancy continues to demean and misrepresent any facts to portray any and all defendants as being guilty of crimes they are not even convicted of or even ultimately found guilty of. Mark even pointed out the improprieties of Nancy Grace labeling Casey Anthony as “tot-mom” which Mark is correct on that issue too. Lawsuits are expected after the trial and acquittal is obtained against both Nancy Grace and CNN as well as others according to several Law sites. That’s actually, in part, why Nancy lost her last five television shows, by her violations of Laws and contractual criteria and why Nancy will likely lose her last remaining show after the conclusion of this Anthony case.