Nancy Grace killed Caylee Anthony?

There are several allegations that Nancy Grace and her former staff who stomped around the Anthony home and area years ago may have been directly involved in the disappearance and the ending of life of little Caylee. Could this be true? Ratings mean everything to Nancy and her staff, and Nancy has even paid out to a victims family over $200,000 for her role in ending the life of another non-convicted victim of a crime too just earlier this year. Coincidence? Plus, Nancy has another pending lawsuit against her right now for over five million dollars for Nancy Grace’s role in dishonest transactions and potential fraud. When will Nancy Grace be arrested for her crimes? Does she still abuse her children? Does she even have supervised visits with the tot-twins? When is the last time it is known she has struck or dropped either one of them? Nancy has profited over $50 million dollars per year in doing her show on HLN and saturating the airways with mostly inaccurate information about this case to taint the jury pool, but most patients suffering from her disorder do similar things when they are caught in a continual stream of lies. How many times did Nancy allegedly get drunk on CNN property and fall and sustain injuries? Four separate times, quite the drunken history. Several commentors have asked if she still beats her husband? It’s allegedly unclear at this point if she has ceased and desisted in that. There is so much the general-public allows to forgive, but if Nancy truly did interfere with this Anthony case as Nancy has done with other cases, might definitely be time for some much needed prison. Nancy should not harm victims just because they are victims of crimes. Her jealously of real victims appears insatiable and innocent victims have died in her wake  (not the wake from a whale, but Nancy is morbidly obese).

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