Why Nancy Grace loves Osama Bin Laden?

Why does Nancy Grace appear to love Osama Bin Laden and his legacy may be directly related to her reported alcohol consumption and her reported use of drugs on a daily basis she has said she does (see CNN transcripts for validation). With an seemingly endless list of missing children and adults missing, Nancy apparently refused to cover any story other than what she wanted, which apparently was her alleged “boyfriend” Osama. Nancy Grace has even recently reported that she was again stopped by police while driving a vehicle and forced to do another alcohol breathalyzer test (also see CNN transcripts for validation). No further explanation is needed, but may prove helpful to any therapist stuck dealing with Nancy Grace if she goes to the therapy rehabilitation choice of hers she called the Promises. And, why she continues to victimize victims of 9/11 is anyone’s guess, but if it is correlated to her alcohol and drug usage, there may be a realistic explanation obtained.

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