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Lindsay Lohan proves Nancy Grace wrong again

April 23, 2011

Nancy Grace said repeatedly that Lindsay will be doing years in prison for a crime that Lindsay actually did not commit, which proves Nancy Grace wrong again for the gazzionth time. Appears Lindsay has grounds to sue Nancy Grace, but she’ll have to stand in line because Nancy Grace has others suing her for other crimes against other victims and Lindsay’s case won’t likely come up to court for quite awhile. Perhaps, Nancy will simply settle Lindsay’s lawsuit as that appears to be Nancy’s current modus-operendi.

Lindsay Lohan not getting the punishment Nancy Grace wants?

April 22, 2011

If Lindsay Lohan doesn’t get the max time in prison, that may place Nancy Grace of CNN back into rehab once again due to Nancy’s inability to manage her alcohol and drug problems again, plus being incorrect on the facts of most of the cases she tries to cover. Lindsay should get the max to help Nancy stay out of treatment and on the air so Nancy Grace can victimize even more real victims of crimes.

Phylicia Barnes found

April 22, 2011

Phylicia Barnes found

Body of missing woman Phylicia Barnes found in Maryland. When will these prostitutes learn that their conduct can be dangerous?

Good for Lawrence Taylor.

April 13, 2011

Good for Lawrence Taylor. I think the judge gave him the lenient sentence as a lesson to be learned by the media not to over dramatize court cases like they continue to do. L.T. wins. Maybe the media-heads should talk about their own misconduct instead of looking for a story in the Taylor case. Maybe the tragic death of a victim by a crime committed by Nancy Grace of CNN may hold more people’s attention, especially how Nancy denied she had anything to do with the death she caused, then she paid off the family a couple hundred thousand dollars. L.T. just paid for a prostitute, he didn’t help to end anyone’s life.