Nancy Grace “BLASTS” the U.S. military

Thursday March 3, 2011, Nancy verbally blasts the military for not returning the husband of his missing wife from Afghanistan to answer questions to police. While the husband has cooperated with authorities in every aspect of the investigation, Nancy Grace continues to vilify the husband for not returning and doing a physical search for his missing pregnant wife. Perhaps Nancy doesn’t know the facts that the husband does not have the power to override the military and he has to remain in Afghanistan if that is what the military chooses; which it clearly does. Lawsuits against Nancy Grace are expected as reported by several sources for Nancy’s criminal and civil violations of the Law she has documented against the husband-soldier, as confirmed by Renee Rockwell who was on the show tonight. Why Nancy Grace appears to hate the military and all U.S. soldiers may be attributed to her alcohol and drug dependency issues that Nancy has said in the past she does involve herself in. Might be time to get Nancy Grace off the air as she already conceded to causing the death of another victim recently, and she needs to actually be imprisoned for the crimes she continues to do against real victims. Why Nancy Grace hates our military may only be able to be fully-understood by other alcoholics and drug users like Nancy is suspected to be. More on this issue to come……….

One Response to “Nancy Grace “BLASTS” the U.S. military”

  1. marle Says:

    I’m waiting to hear/read more about this issue. NG has hurt so many people as well as whole families. She is the most despicable person and then questions our military. She has really over stepped this time. I hope she is loaded with law suits. Another law suit has loomed about a studio contract over a now defunct show for $15 million. Someone tell me how she has lasted this long on TV or other wise. Bring back the old Court TV show. She has no business opening her mouth in regards too law related issues, what a mess she is.

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