Zahra Baker

Only second-degree murder of Zahra Baker? What a joke. After all that has been revealed in this case of wrong-doing, with only a charge like that, the step-mother wins this case, for sure. Who knows, maybe even the jury will not find her guilty of second-degree either. The way this case is going, they’ll give her a medal-of-valor for eliminating Zahra’s pain and discomfort. The biggest disappointment for Nancy Grace of CNN is not that Zahra was harmed or killed, the biggest disappointment for Nancy is that she was proven wrong yet again on this case too. This might send Nancy back into her rehab once again where she belongs. Drunks and drug users usually do not do well on their own for very long. At least Nancy is now not yet known for killing Zahra as Nancy has conceded to causing the Duckett suicide where Nancy ended up paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to the family-victims of the mother Nancy badgered to death before.

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