Venice; are they all dysfunctional with that name?

The only hope for the conviction of first-degree murder against Casey Anthony is to have a jury full of Venices who obviously do not understand Law or Psychology. But, no Venice would be able to figure out how to get to the courthouse or even open the door if he did arrive there. Psycho-wagons, not paddy-wagons, may be needed for anyone who goes by the name of Venice. His  dysfunction has been confirmed. Why Venice is remains against true Justice for Caylee Anthony’s murder is something only he knows for sure. Being ignorant does not improve the prosecutions case, as confirmed by Venice‘s action and rants denying and disallowing proven facts in this case to even be considered. There is only so much anyone can do to help to educate those Venice characters, sometimes you just got to let them sink in their own poop. Does being full of poop cause testicular cancer like is reported that Venice says he has? Check out the sites for yourself. Some of them are actually funny with describing Venice as being ‘poopsterical’ in his ignorance. So far, there is no actual female on WordPress who is actually going by his name Venice, as verifiable through those links. Maybe Venice will portray himself as something else, a walnut perhaps may be better suited for him.

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