Another lie from Nancy Grace.

Swift Justice with Nancy Grace has proven to be a complete lie and a total waste of airtime. Unlike what Nancy claims, this show is not a court as she claims. It is arbitration and nothing more than that. She bases her decisions on emotions and not upon any facts. The plaintiff position almost always wins, especially if it is a women and super-especially if the women sheds a tear during her statements. Nancy proves she is far too old because she still has the seventies-mentality that lie detector tests are accurate, but they have been proven to be inaccurate and are not even allowed in any courtroom in any state in the entire United States of America without some first-prearrangement and stipulations to even allow any test results to even be mentioned in any testimony in any case. Next she’ll be allowing psychics to make statements for the Plaintiffs. Nancy comes across as a complete and total clown, having to now sit down and often taking off her own shoes because she is too morbidly obese to stand for thirty minutes at a time. None of her decisions are enforceable and there has been not even one “case” that has been bindingly paid yet. Maybe the show should be on the Comedy Central network and she definitely needs to get her weight under control, as well as her admitted alcohol consumption and her admitted drug usage under control.

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