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Casey Anthony

January 29, 2011

A conviction of first degree murder against  Casey will be a struggle for the prosecution, at least if the jurors only use the facts to make their conclusion.

Venice, the blogger, please pray for him.

January 28, 2011

Written to Bull re: Venice:
Maybe you (Venice) are having another testicular cancer issue flare-up again Venice (it‘s mentioned on that other site), but thank you so very much for demonstrating exactly what I was describing to Bull, you are a great example of my comments and I thank you for that. We will pray for your healing of your cancer issue and there is information about some new medications and therapies that will be available to the public in the upcoming summer months that combines the testosterone issues you need as well as a new therapy program to help you to cope better. Take care Venice, you are one mentioned repeatedly in some of the upcoming books I mentioned earlier and you will be receiving several. Thanks again for the recognition you continue to give me on 75+ sites I read you frequent weekly, but I believe your heath issues should come before that which is not needed. I receive more than enough praise as it is, my focus is on helping people just like you Venice. You are so very welcome too. Thanks for the mentioning me so often, it allows the poll numbers to grow and I appreciate that more than you know. We all hope you will continue on your testosterone levels treatment plans which will continue to change over time. Give a thanks to Bull too for saving some people you may even actually know from the blogosphere Venice. Thanks again, try to stay on task with the Casey Anthony case, and give us an update after you recover. 🙂

Another lie from Nancy Grace.

January 19, 2011

Swift Justice with Nancy Grace has proven to be a complete lie and a total waste of airtime. Unlike what Nancy claims, this show is not a court as she claims. It is arbitration and nothing more than that. She bases her decisions on emotions and not upon any facts. The plaintiff position almost always wins, especially if it is a women and super-especially if the women sheds a tear during her statements. Nancy proves she is far too old because she still has the seventies-mentality that lie detector tests are accurate, but they have been proven to be inaccurate and are not even allowed in any courtroom in any state in the entire United States of America without some first-prearrangement and stipulations to even allow any test results to even be mentioned in any testimony in any case. Next she’ll be allowing psychics to make statements for the Plaintiffs. Nancy comes across as a complete and total clown, having to now sit down and often taking off her own shoes because she is too morbidly obese to stand for thirty minutes at a time. None of her decisions are enforceable and there has been not even one “case” that has been bindingly paid yet. Maybe the show should be on the Comedy Central network and she definitely needs to get her weight under control, as well as her admitted alcohol consumption and her admitted drug usage under control.