Who will Nancy Grace kill next?

Who will Nancy Grace kill next?  Good question, as Nancy Grace has confirmed again that she did personally contribute to the death of Melinda Duckett as she settled an un-winnable federal lawsuit against herself. Who’s going to be the next victim?

Like Nancy has said so many times on her show before, no one ever settles a lawsuit if they are not guilty of the crime. And, she settled for a couple hundred-thousand dollars which further proves that she saw, and CNN also saw, that  the federal lawsuit against her was valid case in proving that Nancy Grace did contribute to the death of a non-convicted victim.

Since Nancy was never directly a victim of any crime against herself in her entire long lifetime, she remains clueless to the damage she does to real victims of real crimes, and how she actually and intentionally harms real victims of crimes in her justification of television-ratings. Which, by the way, results in her income since she can longer practice Law anymore after they threw her out of Atlanta Georgia many years ago because, in part, of all the lawsuits won against her and the city because of her errors which resulted in millions of dollars in costs to the tax-payers of Fulton County.

Money should never be a reason to further victimize victims of crimes, imo. Nancy Grace deserves life imprisonment with no parole for all the death and harm she has documented against herself, and the sooner that happens the sooner the better so the public can be assured that Nancy  cannot cause the death or harm to any more non-convicted victims like she has already done so many times. She truly is a predator, in every sense of the term. Her victimizing real victims should not continue, and no more victims should lose their life because of Nancy disGrace. American deserve swift justice against predator Nancy Grace. Case closed. (you do realize that she lies so often that she even continues to call herself Nancy Grace, which is not her real name either. Just another Nancy-lie, upon the thousands and thousands of her previous lies.)

What have we learned about predator Nancy Grace, if anything? Well, Nancy finally conceded she contributed to the death of a non-convicted victim of a crime after denying that for many years; repeatedly and consistently denied. Nancy settled before going to trial, which was predictably going to be a complete and total failure for Nancy. Like Nancy has said so many times before, no one ever settles a lawsuit if they are not guilty in the frst place.

And, for the topic of what is the cost for the loss of a person’s life and what is the value? According to Nancy, a victim’s life is only worth a couple hundred thousand dollars. I would have expected a higher price tag on the value of a human life, but what do I know, I haven’t been a part of ending the life of a victim of a crime either. We can only pray the Nancy is contractually obligated as reported to continue with her CNN-mandated drug and alcohol therapy to help to minimize Nancy killing yet again. God help us all, and pray for her sobriety and for her to eliminate/minimize her drug usage. Victims should never lose their life because of the un-professionalism of Nancy Grace.

We want Justice!

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