Nancy Grace concedes to causing the death of Duckett

Nancy Grace concedes to causing the death of Melinda Duckett by settling the federal lawsuit against her for cash designated to one of her victims.

With overwhelming and irrefutable evidence against Nancy Grace that Nancy contributed and indirectly caused the death of a victim of a crime, Nancy finally settles the case against her filed in both state and federal courts over one victim she victimized to death.

Unlike what Nancy preaches on her show demanding punishment and penalties against those that victimize victims, Nancy goes against her own preachings and simply agrees to provide some cash to a victim instead of demanding Justice against the actions she agreed (through the means of a settlement) were unprofessional and improper on her part. How ironic?

Now, after Nancy denied her own responsibility for years and years, Nancy is now held potentially liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars as she finally settles this Duckett lawsuit case. Nancy repeatedly denied her role in victimizing a victim and is now liable for damages to the son  of the mother that committed suicide after Nancy verbally attacked this victim that resulted in the victim’s death just one day after the verbal beating Nancy documented against herself.

As of today, the settlement still has to be approved by the presiding federal Judge before Nancy is able to be remain free of any more consequences for the damages, and for the loss of life she admitted to via the settlement offer she has submitted to the Judge.

Like Nancy has said so many times before on her show, money talks, and obviously Nancy must seemingly believe that the value of a human life of a victim she has contributed to the death of is a price costing just a couple hundred thousands of dollars, apparently. I, personally, would have placed a much higher dollar amount on the value of a human life than Nancy has done.

But, that’s why some people are destined for Hell in the after-life. She’ll have lots to talk about with lots of other criminals where she’ll ultimately end up. May God have mercy on her soul. As Nancy would say herself, no one settles a lawsuit if they were not guilty in the first place. Going to be a hot place for Nancy for sure. I think I smell bacon simmering.  🙂

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