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Nancy Grace’s psychotic actions against victims and guests.

February 28, 2010
Nancy Grace’s psychotic actions against victims and guests.

Dr. Rhonda K. Hahn explains Nancy Grace’s psychotic interactions with guests on her show and Nancy’s victimization against real victims of crimes.

Nancy Grace to be sued by Croslins (also)

February 18, 2010
Nancy Grace is a retard, documented and proven.
Croslins say Nancy Grace is stupid and she’s a bitch. They both plan to sue Nancy Grace for her prejudicing the media-viewers by her false allegations about people that have not been convicted of anything. They both plan legal action against Nancy Grace. Join the group and step to the rear of the long line since Nancy Grace already has both state and federal charges she has levied against her criminal conduct for other victims and by by family members who Nancy Grace has helped to end the life of too. Get ready for your cash win-fall from her settlement cash coming your way if you plan to sue. That appears to be her routine; threaten a lawsuit for her criminal actions and Nancy tends to pay out big bucks according to many victims to avoid the coverage.

NG is panicking after her taped Depo hearing.

February 10, 2010

NG’s “new” defense-strategy in Duckett lawsuit.

Nancy’s “new” defense-strategy in the Duckett lawsuit is to BLAME OTHERS for her own unprofessional conduct.

Since the actual facts still outweigh Nancy’s version of the events in this case and continue to be used against Nancy, it appears the actual truth may finally prevail even though Nancy wishes the facts would just go away. Nancy Grace is now trying to blame Keren Schiffman for Duckett’s suicide, not Nancy herself. Nancy has already tried multiple times to get out of this lawsuit, and lost her attempts at every step of the way which is over six different legal motions filed by Nancy and CNN to get Nancy out of the “hot-seat.“ Since the deposition last month where Nancy was allegedly screaming and yelling at her fellow CNN staffers and Nancy was later taped with a “scratchy throat-talk“ on her show (from all her screaming and yelling) that very evening, Nancy is now trying to present even yet another version as to why everyone else is responsible for Duckett’s death, and not Nancy herself who instigated the circumstances which generated the death of the Florida mother of a missing child who tried to get help to use the show to get the word out to viewers to assist in the search for Trenton, who is still missing largely because Nancy’s unprofessional interference with an active police investigation and Nancy has inadvertently rendered the police hopeless and helpless since Nancy helped to end the life of a key suspect in that case.