Nancy Grace caught, again, in more lies, Jan.30th.

Nancy Grace caught fabricating elements of the HALEIGH CUMMINGS story.

There’s a reason why Nancy Grace’s ‘exclusive’ on the Cummings story sounded familiar, it was all lies. Perhaps Nancy’s inability to handle her Duckett lawsuit deposition where she attempted five separate legal motions, but failed on each, which may have driven her, again, to not remain sober except for more than just a few hours at best. If one watches her shows following the Deposition, her voice is cracking from the her yelling, her stomping, and throwing of objects that Nancy was apparently and allegedly witnessed doing before and after that Deposition. See additional link provided below.

Nancy Grace Hacks, Sneezes Through Deposition

Nancy Grace is a strong contender for “Hypocrite of the Year.”

Nancy Grace can’t take what she dishes out,0,6468306.column

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