Nancy Grace HATES Haiti victims, but why?

CNN’s A. Cooper Rescues victim, S. Gupta Saves Girl, Nancy Grace wants to harm victims in Haiti?

Anderson Cooper is shown in a video helping a victim in Haiti who was struck in the head and sustain injuries from a rock thrown by a pillager. Sanjay Gupta has helped victims and even preformed several surgeries on victims to help them out. Nancy Grace wants a man prosecuted for what Nancy claims is felony-saltine-cracker-packet-extortion, and she demands the death penalty for this father that was given one extra packet of saltine crackers in a food line. Nancy says that is willful and intentional fraud in accepting the extra saltine packet given to him by the U.S. military personnel holding this food distribution line, but Nancy Grace is demanding this father’s immediate execution. Nancy Grace states that if every victim received one extra packet of saltine crackers like that, then there may not be as many left over for Nancy to take back to her residences to gobble them up between herself and her two grandchildren she has residing with her at her four different personal residences back in the states. Turns out after an investigation, the father was given the extra saltine packet because he has two other children that could not get to the food line due to injuries they sustained in the earthquake, and the father also had a note hand-written by the President of Haiti indicating the father is approved to received an extra three-hundred packets due to the father’s veteran-status. Still, the father maintains he was not looking to take any additional food items at this time due to the overall situation of so many needing basis food supplies. Nancy Grace, however, states that the father is not a victim of any earthquake because there is no proof, and she made allegations that there is not proof that any earthquakes ever did occur anywhere in the world since there are no court orders confirming that any such earthquake did occur ever in the history of the world. Nancy still denigrates the father and is also alleging that the father and the children are all faking the need for supplies, since they have not taken a polygraph test yet, and they would all likely fail a polygraph test if given the opportunity.

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