Fly with the angels Caylee Marie Anthony

July 10, 2011

¸.•´ ¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´(¸.• (¸.•´¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸¸.♥ Keep this balloon going in memory of Caylee Marie ♥ forever in our hearts♥ Remember, Caylee, in your next life, don’t go into a pool by yourself, just like your mother and grandparents told you in your last life. TO HONOR CAYLEE’S MEMORY….PLEASE PASS THIS ON R.I.P. Baby girl Fly with Angels, but wear a lifevest!!

HLN to cutback airtime on Nancy Grace, JVM, VP, to help with costs of upcoming CMA lawsuits.

July 9, 2011

HLN is scrambling now that Casey Anthony was found not guilty on all charges except for the lie-charges and HLN is expected to lose millions of dollars in lawsuits against themselves and in the loss of advertising dollars since they were proven to be so very wrong on their reporting on the Casey/Caylee Anthony charges from back in 2008 through today. Wrong on all counts by HLN by all of their reporters for years and years, doesn’t get any worse for a network than that. Perhaps HLN should now consider reporting unbiased and more fair and balanced for a change. Time for Nancy and Jane to return to rehab and Vinnie to get some training on journalism101.

Negative statements against CMA should warrant death penalty

July 9, 2011

Anyone making any negative statements against Casey or Caylee Anthony should receive the death penalty, according to some blogs. Some say to have the authorities round up everyone connected to any IP-address, phone number, ect making any threats or any derogatory negative comments about Casey Anthony and charge them all with first-degree murder and they should call it CAYLEE’s LAW. Also, everyone charged will be automatically looking at the death penalty no matter what state they reside currently. The jury and the Judge have spoken loud and clear, Casey is not guilty of murder. Turn in your saved-site links to any NCIC so they can pursue prosecution against any business or personal blogger. Baez Law firm also has  teams dealing with this issue and you can send them the links also for the upcoming lawsuits against the medias, bloggers, blog-sites and pages, radio, and others.

Justice for Caylee has prevailed!

July 8, 2011

Justice for Caylee has prevailed! Thank God for Casey’s defense team and for the prosecution screwing up so much.  🙂

Casey Anthony will own CNN, literally.

July 7, 2011

Quite the predictable-end to a case so mismanaged by the prosecution. Casey Anthony will be a billionaire soon after she has her attorneys sue everyone who has defamed her for all those years. Casey will soon own CNN. Quite the joke. Start updating your resume’s CNN staff and other network employees, your time is about over. Find out now where your local food-banks are, you’ll be needing them soon.

CMA: Nancy Grace remains in the toilet

July 6, 2011

Baez and Cheney both rule, Nancy Grace remains in the toilet!

Congratulations Baez and Cheney on achieving true Justice.

Good for Casey, our hero!  🙂

Nancy Grace devastated by Casey Anthony’s not-guilty verdicts.

July 6, 2011


BOMBSHELL:  Nancy Grace allegedly hospitalized after the Casey Anthony verdicts because Nancy was wrong on each and every charge, again. There are reported attempts to remove Nancy’s foot from her own mouth. Please pray for her during this excruciating time please. Some reports have also been made indicating that the foot is not actually lodged in her mouth, but in a different more southwardly-directed location. Also reported is that all educated and informed viewers of the Nancy Grace television entertainment show now refuse to ever watch another show of hers from here to eternity claiming that they will no longer be willing to waste time seeing Nancy Grace speak on any time anymore. There are, however, still a limited amount of uninformed and ignorant viewers who will still waste their life listening to more nonsense from Nancy’s mouth until her show is finally cancelled. Perhaps when the money runs out after Baez‘s upcoming lawsuits against Nancy and others. Even her twins and her husband have allegedly run away from Nancy’s home as well as her husband may also be filing for a divorce according to several known sources.

Nancy Grace beaten up again, June 23rd..

June 26, 2011

Nancy Grace gets beaten up on-air by Dan Abrams, 6/23/2011. It is now alleged that after that interview, Nancy Grace may have required professional intervention to help her cope with the televised verbal beating she sustained on-air at an ABC network site. Like usual, it may also lead to another relapse documented by several sites to her alleged alcohol usage and her alleged potential abuse of prescription medications that Nancy Grace takes every day according to Mrs. Grace. With a conviction of Casey Anthony short of the first-degree murder conviction and death penalty against Casey Anthony, anything short of that may put Nancy Grace right back into another hospital-stay to deal with Nancy’s  alleged psychological mental problems and her medical issues once again. Maybe Casey Anthony can act as a fill-in guesthost during Nancy’s hospital-stay if Casey is released.

Did Venice kill Caylee Anthony?

June 23, 2011

Today, Venice  (Janel) is calling me a guy again. Appears the name of Michelle is not distinguishable enough for Venice to make a correct determination on his own. Ironic since Venice is a guy himself but goes by a female name from time to time. His posts are always about attacks against those better-informed and higher-educated than himself. See Venice’s pattern? Check out his picture and record on the California Department of Corrections sites and see he has convictions against children. Venice has recently been discharged so don’t be too hard on him, he’s new to blogging. As you see Venice rarely discusses the post-topic, uses the opportunity to advance his attacks against those better-informed and he is listed on several psychology and Law sites and has a “label” as being officially diagnosed as psychotic. Sex offense cases against children are especially offensive. Several sites list comments by Venice stating the reason for his antics are due to some of the affects of the medications he takes for his reported testicular cancer which can readily be observed. He is also listed on the troll bureau sites and listed as a current parolee as well and has four confirmed police actions against him currently which are all verifiable. I see the Casey Anthony case has fallen apart again for the prosecution again today, why the prosecution doesn’t not try to get a conviction as they promised for first-degree murder appears to be a real mystery at this time.

Nancy Grace killed a victim again? (6/18/2011)

June 20, 2011

The attached link shows that Nancy Grace of CNN may be involved in causing yet another death of yet another victim. How many victims will she cause the death of before she is mandated to prison where she obviously needs to remain for the remainder of her life in order to protect victims from her flared nostrils and other negative actions she displays towards victims.